What I learned about Sketchnoting at ISTE2016

What I learned about Sketchnoting at ISTE2016

A few months ago I attended a session at BIT15 with Sylvia Duckworth and learned the art of Sketchnoting. She talked about the tools she used and the techniques she had tried and perfected over her short time learning the craft.

After the session I went home and and successfully created a couple sketchnotes but they took me hours to complete and really tested my skills and abilities. Although I thought the art was pretty cool and fun to do, I didn’t return to it due to the length of time it took me to complete each project.

Today at ISTE, I attended another great Sketchnoting session on the art and uses of sketchnotes in the classroom and really opened my eyes more to the why, as opposed to the how. I even stepped out of my need to have it be perfect, and attempted to “live” Sketchnote as I learned from the session.

Although I’m not a fan of my messy handwriting and I was hesitant to add my own basic attempt at doodles, I realized the art was very relaxing and it forced me to concentrate on the big ideas and learnings as opposed to my usual verbatim note taking when I use other digital tools like google docs.

Check out my first attempt at capturing the suggestions that Sylvia Duckworth, Vicki Davis, and Kathy Schrock had to share.

My first live sketchnote


I was so impressed with how much fun I had creating this that I tried again in my next session. It looks like the ladies were right…the more you try it, the more risks you will take and the more fun you will have with it!

My second attempt at live Sketchnoting


For more information check out these great resources from the above mentioned sketchnoters:

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