The Next Big Steps…

The Next Big Steps…

I’ve been immersed in learning and exploring technology in the classroom for a few years now.  I’ve had numerous opportunities to learn from the leaders in field, the thinkers, the game changers and the classroom frontrunners.  I’ve learned that although the road to change is long, it is necessary.  I’ve spent the last few years teaching myself applications for classroom use, shared my learnings with others and encouraged others to reflect on their practice and the future of teaching and learning.

As I continue along my path of learning I know that change is on the horizon.  More and more teachers are changing their beliefs, adapting to technology use in the classroom and having the tough discussions about the future of education.  As we continue to work hard to adjust our teaching and learning we need to ensure that all parties are involved.  There is still a lot  to be done with respect to supportive leadership and parental engagement.

As we move forward, changing classroom practice it will take a strong leadership to help promote an environment of risk taking and reflective observations.  It is time for teachers to be more open with each other to promote collaborative and innovative environments.  There are many ways that principals can help support change to increase student engagement and achievement.  Creating opportunities for principals to engage with teachers as they explore change is essential.

Our next big task is finding ways to encourage more parental engagement in our schools. .  There have already been improvements in the manner by which teachers communicate and share information with parents, up next the challenge will be finding ways to encourage more engagement and opportunities for parents to be involved in the learning process.  Creating environments where teachers, students and parents converse, reflect and improve the learning cycle.

Exciting times are here, change is inevitable, support is essential! What do you think are key aspects of leadership and parental engagement that will help with the process of change?