Summer – My Time to Learn

Summer – My Time to Learn

As an eager learner I always look forward to time to focus on ways to become more efficient, improve my practice and explore new topics.  As the summer approaches, I’m getting excited for the relaxed pace and the “time” to focus on things that are important to me.  Summer learning always recharges me and give me focus for the year to come.

I’ve debated before the issue of “time”, however, the reality that between personal commitments, job duties, and family life, the free time to explore just for the sake of learning sometimes escapes me.  I can honestly say I’m not afraid of change and I crave time to learn.

While some people look forward to vacations, beaches, and lazy days around the house, I’m forever wishing for a rainy day to read a book or to check out new technology for education.

Summer learning and reflection is key to my professional and personal growth.  Good things come out of my time exploring new technology, reading up on the teaching profession and reflecting on changes I can make.

As this summer approaches, I’m going to make an honest effort to re engage in my online habits, connecting, sharing and learning from others.  To learn something new on a weekly basis and to share it with others when I have the chance.
Now for the big challenge…where to start first!  What learning do you plan on exploring this summer?