Share, Share, Share

Share, Share, Share

Over the last week I have learned a lot.  At many points I wondered how much more information my brain could actually acquire!  I learned new tools, expanded my thoughts on the current state of education and had the opportunity to network with educators in all areas of the field.  No matter the topic of discussion, I always feel compelled to share what I learn.

After every day of the conferences I attended, I returned to my room (some nights earlier than others) to reflect on the day and to put at least one web based tool I learned into practice, and to share at least one piece of information with someone I thought could use it.  I actually take pride in the fact that I love to share.  I will share my knowledge and experience with anyone who cares to listen and sometimes with those who don’t!  I am absolutely loving my new job based on this sole fact.

In my mind, there is nothing better than learning something new.  My goal everyday is to learn at least one thing.  Tonight, while heading home to attend a webinar, my daughter remarked “Mom, you sure do take a lot of classes”.  It may be true…I do tend to get involved in any type of learning I can.  However, when I look around my house at night I see the same thing in my children.  They are always asking for more information, to discuss things that are happening around them and to learn how to use new technology.  It’s the one thing I know I’m doing right; modeling a lifestyle of life long learning.

Today was a great day of sharing.  Although I may have overloaded many people with the thoughts of social media, changing curriculum and web based tools, I also walked away as a learner.  I’m thankful for the teachers who taught me something new today, who made me reflect on what I do.  I’m thankful for my daughter who taught me how to use Explain Everything and who made me reflect on who I am.  I’m grateful for the opportunities I have to help influence the lives of others and the future of our students.

Sharing, you never know when it may help you meet someone a new, to change a life or even to converse with an astronaut!  If you ever catch me engaged in a conversation, with a big smile on my face and talking a mile a minute, you should be able to see clearly that my passion is sharing!  Sharing, sharing, sharing…It’s what I do!