Reminder…Practice what you Preach!

Reminder…Practice what you Preach!

For the last few days I have spent promoting the importance of helping our students become prepared for the challenges they face in the future, the importance of helping them explore career options and the value of teaching life planning skills.

The more I share with other teachers, exploring ways to help our students, learning tools to make the job easier, the more excited I get when I watch them take the steps to jump right in.  Watching the connections that are made between teachers in sessions is powerful, but even more so are the connections I have witnessed occurring online.  Thanks to these observations, I become inspired to continue on my own path of learning and exploration.

I’m an advocate for social media, for the importance of becoming a connected educator.  I also realize it is a difficult step for many to take.  I myself have had my ups and downs learning what works for me and what I shouldn’t waste my time on.  Learning how to create my own digital footprint has been difficult, being faced with the challenge of helping students with the same task is almost overwhelming.

I’m comforted to know that we are lucky to be surrounded by colleagues who are educated about the importance of helping our students, supported by policy that puts the opportunities in place and open to helping each other.

As connected as I think I may be, I’m still taking steps everyday that put me out of my comfort zone.  This week I’ve ventured into not just reading blogs but commenting on them too, as well as participating in twitter chats out of my range of experience.  After all, it’s hard to motivate others when you don’t practice what you preach!

Whether you are old or new, connected or unconnected, keen or resistant, I look forward to helping in anyway I know how.  To those teachers already connected, I challenge you to help others on their path.  To those teachers who have decided to take the plunge, I’m here to support you.  To those teachers who need another little nudge, know that there are supports for you when you are ready. Wherever you are in your journey, know that everyone has more to learn.

My advice to you…take a risk, try something  new, encourage someone to join you as you learn…it’s exhilarating!