The Power is in the Demonstration

The Power is in the Demonstration

Over the past few years I have had the chance to share many different professional development opportunities with my colleagues. Regardless of the topic, the best results have been when I could use the platform I was demonstrating as the focus of the inservice. For example, to teach the power of Google Drive I would share my presentation with them to allow them access and the aspects of the program as we learned. To demonstrate the uses of Google Docs, I would get them to collaborate in real time as we explored. I have come to judge the useful of these educational tools by my ability to use the tool as I promote it.

I have also come to see the benefit of web based programs versus apps for the simple fact that we need to encourage a BYOD environment that allows all types of users access to the technology and tools we use.

A few weeks ago I learned the power of Nkwiry, a social bookmarking site that allows teachers to create tiles where students can either help curate resources or where teachers could share their own. The program is simple to use and demonstrated so by the quick tour directly from the company website.



I originally thought that this could be a valuable tool as I compile useful resources for the teachers I seek to assist in my new role as consultant. A place where I could collect useful sites and have teachers looking for resources could login as students to gain access to the topics important to them. I was starting to see the potential of the product and was looking at a way to use it as part of my next inservice and sharing sessions. However, on the weekend, the product got even better.

Nkwiry has now introduced the power to publicly share a tile. This is a gamechanger! It took a great service that offered teachers the ability to login students without email adresses and lengthy terms and conditions, and gave us the ability to easily share portions of the site with others.

Although the service is still the ideal space to have students collaborate and collect bookmarks for all types of projects and learning sessions, the ability to simply share a tile has made this program useful for teachers with young students or people like me who what to compile lists of common resources to share with others.

Check out the public view of one of my tiles here, a compilation of other web based programs created by @mraspinall



I’m looking forward to using this product as I move forward, sharing with others. What kind of application can you see in your immediate future?