Inspired to Influence Change

Inspired to Influence Change

I just spent 3 amazing days connecting, learning and reflecting at Bring it Together 14 in Niagara Falls.  I watched colleagues demonstrate their practices, had my beliefs challenged in the name of change, networked with new people and online friends and managed to learn a lot of tips and tricks I did not know before.

Although the tools I explored, the tips and tricks I can’t wait to share with others and the networking was amazing, I’m most excited to begin a new phase of modeling the practice of being a connected and contributing educator.  I’m inspired to help others move forward for the sake of student learning, inspired by this quote.




I’ve developed my roadmap, re-inspired by the conversations with others, the demonstration of a Networked Leader by @gcouros and the acquisition of tools that will help make this process easier.  Website creation, consistent blogging, and mastering some tools to help me filter, share and improve my social presence are my immediate focus.

Our students deserve teachers who are inspired to make change, technology can increase the speed it occurs!   What do you need to help drive you forward in your journey?