Encouraging Questioning in the Classroom

Encouraging Questioning in the Classroom

This year I read “A More Beautiful Question” by Warren Berger.  This book was thought provoking and useful in many ways.  We actually used some of the ideas from the book and rightquestion.org in order to help teachers develop questioning in their classrooms.

The idea behind the book is that student’s lose their inquisitive and natural questioning nature over time.  What was once natural to them gets lost when they enter the school system and become part of society that values answers over questions.

Warren does a great job of explaining the change in society and the need for us to encourage everyone to be questioners.  As our society moves from industrial to entrepreneurial, our workforce needs to seek out solutions to problems, problems that don’t have simple answers.  

By encouraging a questioning environment in our classrooms, we are teaching students how to dig deeper, to improve their problem solving and to explore solutions to issues that may not have even thought about.

Some of the key ideas in the book are included in my sketchnote below.  If you are interested in learning more, check out rightinstitute.org for questioning activities and lessons you can use to help the students in your class regain their questioning skills.

A More Beautiful Question