Dream Big

Dream Big

Sometimes it is important:

  • To step out of your comfort zone
  • To advocate for those who can’t
  • To ask the hard questions
  • To challenge the world as it appears around you
  • To believe you can make a difference
  • To believe you can change the world

I’m thankful for a week where I feel like this was exactly what I was able to do.  I’m fortunate to be in a position to network with educators from a variety of institutions, regions and subject areas.  I’m thankful to work in an educational system that works hard to make things better for all students.  The week was full of tough conversations with a variety of educational stakeholders, where beliefs and procedures were challenged, where pondering the future was the norm.  These potential challenges and changes in education although difficult and in some case unknown give me a renewed sense of purpose as we continue to shape education in the best interest of students.   I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to challenge the current system, as we believe we really can change the world!

Sometimes you just need to Dream Big.  Sometimes all it takes are great conversations, a worthwhile challenge and the support of others to jump start the fire behind what we do.  My passion in education involves helping all students find the pathway that best suits them, to provide the opportunities and exposure to better understand the world in front of them, and to give them the knowledge and skills to help make their dreams a possibility.   My dream involves helping others find their true passion and  removing the barriers that prevent this from happening.

As you reflect on your journey, what does it look like when you “Dream Big”?