Digital Citizenship #ISTE2016

Digital Citizenship #ISTE2016

One of the amazing workshops I attended at #ISTE2016 was a conversation around the idea of digital citizenship. This was a refresher for me, as I had the pleasure to have heard these ideas and had these discussions back in 2010.  Over the last few years, I keep coming back to these thoughts and need to be remind of the importance of becoming an “authentic” digital citizen. A person who lives and breathes the same way in my digital space as I do in person.

This hasn’t been an easy task, and sometimes I get off track, but this conversation once again reminded me how important it is we teach this thinking to our students. Digital citizenship isn’t just behaving appropriately in an online space, it’s more about taking up residency and making the space represent the truest version of yourself as you can.

I’ve thought hard over the years as to what my digital self promoted to the world and will continue to refine and adapt as needed. My decision to own my own domain, to own a space where I can be me in a public area, without being restricted and tied into the limitations and conditions of social media is one way I’ve worked to promote my authentic self. Deciding what social media is best use for specific purposes has also helped me as I continue to develop my digital citizenship.

Check out the thoughts and conversation starters shared by Dean Shareski in his session for further examination of your own digital footprint. These ideas make me wonder…how do we transfer these conversations into our families, our classrooms,  and our schools?