My continued Journey as an Aspiring Leader

My continued Journey as an Aspiring Leader

Over the last couple of weeks I have been working hard to complete my Principal’s Qualification Practicum.  As part of the journey, I completed 100+ hours of work related to leading Collaborative Inquiries with a variety of groups of teachers.  I spent a lot of time with the teachers exploring the process, as well as, a lot of time reflecting on their learning and my own.


I was about to hand the final project in a couple days ago and chickened out.  I wasn’t worried that the project wasn’t good enough, or that I hadn’t completed the reports well, but I was unsettled by the finalization of a project that I just don’t yet see as complete.  Deep down, this project will never be complete for me.  


I am beginning to accept and understand that although the project is all wrapped up, the learning I experienced, the growth that I have had and the work I still need to do will be with me forever.  As I continue on my leadership pathway, I will continue to learn, to reflect and to aspire to improve as a leader as I go.


The overarching goal for me moving forward is to be more of a collaborative leader, a leader who listens, who engages, who shares, who learns alongside others, who is transparent, who is supportive, who inspires, who embraces change and who is human.  I want to be a leader who values relationships, innovation, creativity and student success.


I’m sure there are many more great qualities that I will add to my list as I go.  Do you have any suggestions that I missed?

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