Back to Basics – Top 5 Video Tools

Back to Basics – Top 5 Video Tools

Top 5 Video Tools


When working with teachers, we encounter a variety of users.  Some who are just entering the world of integrating technology into their classrooms, others who can’t imagine their classroom any other way.  Regardless of your current level of ability, these 5 video tools are the ones that I think are the easiest to use and can have the most immediate impact on student learning.

Note:  Although the images above are Apple Apps, the camera, YouTube, Explain Everything and Edpuzzle can be used on any device and platform.  iMovie is an Apple product and can be used on iPads, iPhones and Mac products.

  1. Camera

The camera and video tool built on to your device can be the simplest and most effective use of video out there.  The video tool can be used to create personalized messages for your students that can then be posted in your Learning Management System (D2L, Google Classroom etc).  Videos can also be used to add verbal directions and instructions to a task, or to leave feedback for students to review.   Students find the video feature useful when used to share their thinking and to demonstrate their ideas verbally.  For both students and teachers, the simple act of pointing the camera at the work and having the voice in the background as they read, explain or expand on the assignment can be beneficial to understanding their thinking and learning.   


  1. YouTube

The wonderful thing about having a Google Apps for Education account is the ability to upload videos into YouTube. You can set the permissions so your videos can only be shown to those people with a link, not searchable for the general public.  YouTube also allows you to easily share your videos with a quick link, or to embed them in other areas.  YouTube makes it easy to embed videos into both D2L and Google Classroom for easy access and viewing.  One other way to use YouTube in the classroom is to create a shared playlist, students can then easily find and access videos that you have found and consider useful for each class.  These shared playlists can also easily be shared with students in your chosen digital environment for easy reference.


  1. Explain everything

Explain everything is a fantastic digital whiteboard tool that allows users to visually demonstrate or explain their thinking while working.  The tool allows you to add in more slides, images etc that help to demonstrate the ideas and learning as it is occurring.   The slides then can be turned into video that can easily be shared or saved to the camera roll and uploaded to YouTube.  A new version of Explain Everything was just released that also includes a collaboration piece, the ability for users to join a collaborative space to work on the project together.  Explain Everything is a paid application, but in my opinion, worth every penny!  


  1. Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle allows you to use videos that you have created, or those you have found on YouTube, Khan Academy etc, and to edit the length, add in interactive questions or voice over the video with your own information.  This platform is engaging and easy to use for both the teacher creating the video and the student as the user.  Edpuzzle also allows you to track the user interactions for accountability purposes.  Edpuzzle is a great way to take snippets of longer videos and to turn them into quick useful interactive resources for the classroom or digital spaces.


  1. iMovie

iMovie is a dynamic and easy to use video creation tool that allows the user the ability to follow templates or create videos from scratch.  iMovie allows easy integration of photos, videos, slides and music to create beautiful montages.  iMovie can be used to create engaging presentations, to create how-to videos, to showcase student work, just to name a few.  iMovie is a paid application but the simplicity and multiple uses make the purchase worthwhile.


As you begin to integrate technology in your classroom, or as you continue finding innovative ways and applications that work for you, don’t forget to share!