Aspiring to be a Good Leader

Aspiring to be a Good Leader

A couple weeks ago I started on my next educational learning pathway.  I’ve spent the last 12 years learning and developing my educational skills and abilities.  I’ve taken courses to become Specialists in both Special Education and Guidance.  I’ve enrolled in not-for-credit technology courses.  I’ve taken a couple of university psychology courses to expand my knowledge.  I just recently finished my Primary ABQ to understand the different dynamics when teaching young students.  It was only natural that next came my Principal’s’ Qualification Program Part 1.  I’m confident it’s safe to say I’m a lifelong learner and I don’t envision an end to gaining new skills and knowledge as I continue throughout my career.

As the classes in my PQP course have progressed I’ve come to realize many things.  There is so much still to learn about education, working with people, empowering others and developing my leadership skills.  Every type of course I have taken has proven to push my limits, to expand and challenge my thinking and to help me develop a better understanding of situations and human dynamics.

We have spent a fair bit of time in the course reflecting on the role of a leader in a school, thinking about the qualities successful administrators demonstrate and exploring our strengths and weaknesses.  There have been many memorable and influential administrators who have supported and encouraged me a long my path.  Thanks to the qualities that I most admire in these people I know that when I become an administrator I am going to aspire to:

  • take the time to get to know the staff
  • have a visible presence in the building and interact in student activities
  • understand and support the different types of personalities of teachers in my building
  • offer opportunities for teachers to learn new things
  • allow my staff to take risks, followed up with support and reflection
  • encourage an open door, honest feedback environment when dealing with situations big or small        

There are many more admirable qualities to be developed.  Are there any missing from my list that you think are key to being a successful school leader?